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Integrity management and GDPR

From 25th May 2018 the new data protection regulation GDPR will apply.

GDPR stands for (General Data Protection Regulation) and is the new reform that places demands on all companies for how we treat personal data.

What is personal data?

A personal data is all information that can be linked to you.
Hence, name, address, social security number, telephone number and mail address are included. as personal data.Därav räknas Namn, adress, personnummer, telefonnummer och mail adress osv. som personuppgifter.
Even all photographs of you are counted as a personal statement.
Read more about personal data at the datainspektionen

What kind of personal information do we use?

We collect only the personal data you submit to us by completed forms or Email.
The pictures we take during the mission are saved on a local hard disk for one year from the assignment.
After one year, images that are not used in portfolio or marketing are deleted if nothing else is specified in the agreement.

Where are your data stored?

Your billing information and prior orders are saved in our digital customer system.
These data are also transferred to an external billing system while sending an invoice.

All images are saved only on local disks, not in any cloud service.

How do we use your information?

We use your information to handle your payments in the form of invoices as well as to link you with those pictures taken during the assignment.
After completion of order assignments, all data is saved for one year, after which the data is deleted.

When shooting with photo code (for example, in center photography), only a first name is saved together with a mobile phone number and the pictures taken. The images are uploaded under a password-protected part of the website www.mikaelfoto.se and a password is sent to you by SMS. After that, the images are stored on the protected account for 60 days. After that, all images and information about you are removed from the site and the temporary account is deleted. If you order anything from the photo shoot, a purchase account is created where billing information and ordered images are stored in accordance with the order agreement. The images are stored on a local hard disk for a year after photography to allow you as a customer to order multiple copies. After this year all images are automatically deleted and it is no longer possible to order them.

Use in marketing

Like all companies, we need to be able to show what kind of past assignments I have done. A selection of images can therefore be saved in eg. portfolio on the web page or on social media. In cases where the person depicted is under 18 years old, the goalkeeper is always asked before the image is used in marketing or displayed in a portfolio.

Recall Consent

You as a customer have the right to access the information we have stored at any time and request that these data be deleted.

Contact details

Personal Data Responsible

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